18.0 Release notes

:wave: Hello Builders! Version 18.0 of the Airkit platform focuses on improving the builder’s experience with full application templates from KitCloud and a more streamlined Journey modeling experience.

There are major new features available such as App API support for the easiest and most flexible way to start or augment a session from a HTTP Post.

Additionally we’ve introduced Custom Types that mirror JSON schemas for variables that allow for type-ahead and more to make building applications with deep form and data models easier than ever

:eyes: For Existing Builders

18.0: Builder Impact

Major changes to 18.0 from previous version include

  • A new streamlined and step based Journey design experience
  • Introduction of SMS & Email notifications for one-way announcements
  • Improved Application API support including ability to run Data Operations immediately to respond to requests
  • Custom Types for JSON documents schemas for type-ahead and more
  • User Defined Functions in Airscript for easy globally reusable functions within your application
  • Selectable Containers replace need for “Cells” in previous versions
  • If an action throws an error, any subsequent actions are not executed.
  • Change the secure string event property from “redisKey” to “secureKey”
  • Changing route resources so the /c isn’t mandatory
  • All URLs within an app must now all use the same base domain. A new section was added to the Settings page (previously configuration builder) where you can select this value.

:open_book: Learning Airkit v18.0

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:tv: Videos

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We’re looking forward to seeing what you keep building in the Airkit studio, and thank you for being part of the Airkit Builder community.

Happy Building!

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