Activity Variable, Reloaded With Set Variable


Looking at using Set Variable to load a previous response to Activity, and re edit what was previously saved.

Form is saved to AirData
User can query AirData table for response to edit
Selected response is moved from “item” to “session.selectedcef” using Set Variable.
On page load Set variable is used for update session.selectedcef.__id from Activity.__id.
Then, set variable is used to set Activity from session.selectedcef.

Is there anything else in the Activity namespace that would get replaced that would cause issues with saving the updated response?

Please let me know if additional information is needed.


Hi @Chris_Phillips so after speaking with some of my colleagues, it seems as if there are actually some downstream implications of overwriting the Activity variable using the set variable action – specifically it losing some properties and possibly things not working properly in the preview. in the future, i’d recommend not overwriting or setting any of the reserved namespaces such as session, activityGroup or activity

I’d recommend creating a custom data type in Airdata and add that as an activity variable to then use for your data

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