Alignment of side by side Simple Radio List and Container list

Hi everyone - I am using a Simple Radio List and a Container list to display a list of data - side by side. They are the same data set. The reason I want to use two is for the alignment of the columns of data. In the first column with the radio button is a coverage amount, and in the second column is the impact on the premium selecting that coverage would have. Also, I want to dynamically show a graphic if a condition is met, thus using a second Container list.

I’ve tried to get the lists to align - looked at the padding, etc. I can’t see what’s driving the differences between the two. The font is the same, the padding of the radio container, etc. This is just the alignment of the text, without any graphic being displayed.

Anyone have any luck doing something like this or have another work around?

Jon Matunas

When displayed in a modal window:

Layout in studio:

Hi @JMatunas,

For a more complex use cases, I like to use a straight container list and add whatever I need in the container (such as a radio button). Here is a sample for you to checkout, (19.5 KB)

Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Kyung

Thank you @kyung! This works great - thanks for the help.

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