Callback API to access and load it to external database tables

How to setup a callback api to collect data from the Airkit UI to load it to our Dynamo tables?

hi @Shivashankar_Yadav, so are you saying when a user adds information into an Airkit app, then make a call to Dynamo and insert that data to Dynamo?

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That is right, we are trying to find out a way to export data from UI to our dynamo tables.

So to be honest, I don’t know much about DynamoDB but if DynamoDB has a REST API, you could essentially use the HTTP Request Data operation on the “submit” or “button” click of your Airkit App. Thats the easiest way to pass data to other systems from Airkit.

Awesome, thanks for sharing the information.

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We are trying to send out the data to our Dynamo tables and have a microservice url and trying to add it to the submit button and I’m not able to add “HTTP Request Data operation” option on the submit button. I’m sure i have seen it in the past but now i’m not able to find it.

Please find the app branch below if needed. (41.4 KB)



Data Operations are different from Actions. Actions can be inserted into Action Chains (the things made in the Action Builder), whereas Data Operations are the building blocks of Data Flows. You can run a Data Flow with the Run Data Flow Action, but you have to build the Data Flow out in Connections Builder first.

Hi @Shivashankar_Yadav, so HTTP Request data operation can only be run in Data flows.

What that means is that you have to create a data flow inside of Connections Builder and then you can find the HTTP data operation from there.

Then on the button, you can run the data flow that calls your http data operation.

For more information on data flows, see this doc: Data Flows

Got it. I will try that.

So, when i test the connection between our dynamo tables and airkit apps from the connections it works fine , connections=>Data flows=>Submit Preference.the data is being updated in our systems.

But when i refer the Data flow connections=>Data flows=>Submit Preference in the submit button on Communication Preferences , it is not working

Please find the app below and let me know if i’m doing anything wrong.
< – removed zip package because it includes an api key →

If you dont mind, can you add additional information on this?

Are you expecting a response? Is the HTTP data operation not firing? I took a quick look, and the body of the HTTP request does not include your inputs. it should look like this:

  "first_name": first_name,
  "last_name": last_name,
  "phone": phone,
  "preference": preference

I did add the details and it looks like :
“first_name”: “Shiva”,
“last_name”: “Demo”,
“phone”: “+14025168800”,
“preference”: “SMS”

but it would still not ire up the data flow operation

updated app , but still the same issue (44.9 KB)

Ah i see, its because at the end of the data flow, you passed the result variable. It should be the rawResult variable. It looks like your api doesn’t return anything in result.