Can we uses async in dataflows to put a long process in the background

Question… Does anyone know anything about the async process in data flow?
For a client, I’m looking to push off some data flow activities to the background and so that multiple dataflow processes can move forward…
Currently I have a final webflow which creates a PDF, creates a JSON, Zip which bundles up PDF, JSON and all uploaded files, then SFTP’s the zip file to client’s server. Current users have a long wait time for files to upload to the client’s SFTP server. This wait is painful for the users.
I’m wondering if I embed the multiple dataflows into another one then background the SFTP dataflow.

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If the data flow you’re running from an app action is running a data flow operation set to asynchronous, it won’t wait for the second data flow to finish (which I think is what you were proposing).

If you want something to happen after it finishes, you can trigger an event to notify the app the task has completed, and if the user is still there, it can update based on that. That doesn’t sound like a requirement, though.