Checkbox List not working after upgrade

Checkbox List not working after 18.1 version upgrade. has anyone experiencing the issue?

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hi @Narendra, Thanks for flagging! We just pushed a fix for this issue. If you try again, do you get any error messages?

Thanks @ismaen ! it’s working now. However, with JSON input, it’s not functioning as expected. I tried the workaround you suggested in Checkbox list with json input data - #4 by ismaen but no luck. It’s even worse now compare to 18 version.

What does your configuration look like? I’m able to add JSON input data in my checkbox list and have it function properly. Do you have an export i can look at?
This is in the Data of the checkbox list

  { "name": "test1" },
  { "name": "test2" },
  { "name": "test3" }

Thanks @ismaen ! I tested this and it seems when I apply my theme, stopped working. If I go with ootb theme, no issues. It’s strange.

as I mentioned, checkbox list is not working if I override the default theme. Can you please help me with this issue?
I have attached my app here. (29.9 KB)

Hi @Narendra, do you know what version of your app was of the original imported theme?

It was on 18 version. But the one I attached here (untitled app), I created in 18.1 version and modified the theme in the same version.

So when importing themes, we don’t support importing themes from older versions into a newer CXR version app.

What you can do is upgrade your version 18 app to version 18.1, and then download the theme from the 18.1 app to a new app.

sorry for the confusion. The app I attached here was not having imported theme. It was defaulted them and created in 18.1 version.

Created new app “Untitled App 2” in 18.1 version .
Modified theme for checkbox in 18.1.

With OOTB style, the checkbox is working as expected. If I modify the style for checkbox, the check mark is not appearing on the UI but behind the scene, it was selected.

Ah got it! I see what’s going on here. It looks like the background color of selected variant of the checkbox is not being taken on the checkbox control.

so the control is actually working, but because the checkmark is white, the background color is white, you actually don’t see anything.

if you change the checkmark to another color (other than white) it’ll actually work. Or if you change the background color of the default variant of the checkmark, it’ll work as well.

Let me flag this to our team. Thank you for bringing this to light @Narendra!

Got it. Checkmark with white color and background with Blue color is our requirement. Appreciate for any quick solution to resolve this problem.

I just tested with checkmark color other than white and working fine. but interestingly, the background color is not applying.