Clip content - for containers? or only text

I wanted to verify on whether this is possible.

I’m trying to create a 100px limit for displayed text which might have 5-8 long paragraphs or 2-3 paragraphs plus bulleted list.

Right now I can create a scrolled text box if I set the max height of the text control at 100px and I can add an expression of if(browser.width <= 800, “100px”, “auto”) in the height field. And have the clipped content checked. Is there a difference or better best practice to use the height or max height field?

But if I try the same with a container and try to set the max height using the same expression in the height field it does not work. I did find that putting the expression into the max height control it works with a slight adjustment: if(browser.width <= 800, “100px”, “none”).

What is the recommended way to do this? It’s not really intuitive which is the best way.

I personally would set the expression on the height of the label control. This is because then it allows you to add additional things to the container that may or may not need to be clipped. If you have multiple label controls in the container that need to be clipped, then I’d set the expression on the container itself. So it’s really dependent on your use case.