Create PDF and Attach In Salesforce


I am trying to attach a pdf to salesforce, that is created using the HTML to PDF data flow.

Is there a connection that can be created to automatically attach a PDF created in Airkit without the user having to download the PDF?

I understand how to create the pdf, and make a salesforce connection for an attachment, but not sure how to identify the pdf for the salesforce data flow.


Just to clarify, are you asking is it possible to attach a PDF to a Salesforce record?

How to attach a pdf that is created using the HTML to PDF data flow. Is there a way to identify the PDF created in Airkit so that it can be used in an additional dataflow to upload to salesforce?

Please let me know if any other information is needed.


Got it!

So if you’re creating a PDF from the HTML to PDF data operation, you’re going to want to then encode that asset before writing it to salesforce using the Download Encoded Asset Data operation

Then you can use the salesforce data operation and create an attachment and pass the encoded asset into the Body of the request

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That was the missing data flow I wasn’t sure about. Thanks!

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