Difference between AppObject and Custom Types Object

What is the purpose of using Custom Types Object?

Using an AppObject I can build out the object exactly the same as custom types object but I have the additional ability to reference the second AppObject and add it directly to initial AppObject Table.

Within the AppObject there is no way to reference the Custom Type Object that has been created like reference another AppObject. I know I can use the Custom type Object and send data acquired with the Custom Type Object variable in a JSON as a text.

Is the sole purpose of the Custom Type Object is to build it as a variable only rather than have empty AppObjects which have the similar variable structure?

Hey @jeff_groupwork! Your understanding of Custom Types vs Airdata App objects is spot on. Custom types are great for structuring the schema of an object to be used as a local variable, where as Airdata App objects can additionally be used to store data as well. Another use of custom types is that you can create a custom type from connection builder, for example as a result of an HTTP request which can help quickly build out the schema for your object.