Document upload not working

The File upload option is not working in my app. Please find the zip file below, the issue is in the Document flow webflow. (41.6 KB)



What Web Page here is the File Upload Control supposed to be on? It’s not immediately obvious to me.

It is under upload support documentation webpage

I mean where in your application is the File Upload Control supposed to be? Or is the problem that you can’t find it to select? I was able to select it just fine:

Possibly the issue is that you need to update to the latest version of the Studio? I was prompted to do that upon uploading the zip file.

How do i manually update the studio version? It did prompt me in the past to update but i skipped it.

If you Inspect the application the Console, you’ll find the Update Button on the bottom right:

I did update but it would still not let me upload document.

Hi @Shivashankar_Yadav can you share what your configuration of the File upload control looks like? Also what behavior you’re seeing?

The file upload control requires some configuration. If you take a look at this app here (file upload template), it shows you what configuration is needed. event.value allows you to surface other metadata associated with the file being uploaded, such as the thumbnail_url and progress of the upload. (121.2 KB)

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Sounds good, It worked.

Appreciate the help.