Edit A Previous AirData Entry


Looking for the best way to search AirData for an old entry, and reload the data into the original text input fields.

I have attached a sample project for reference.

  1. Would I use the variable names in an AirData Query and then save the result as a variable to send back to the text inputs?
  2. What function would be used to load the input back into the text inputs?
  3. What would be the best way to deal with multiple results from a search?
    HTML_to_PDF-2022-08-08T20_39_44.311Z-full.branch.zip (19.5 KB)


Hey @Chris_Phillips,

So this depends on what your workflow looks like, but a common scenario that i’ve seen for someone to edit their record in airdata looks something like this:

  1. A web page to search the Airdata table based on a search term
  2. a container list that displays all the data on that search term
  3. a button that allows you to edit the record, which will then take you to a page that passes the data selected to inputs
  4. lastly, a data flow that takes the __id and does an Airdata PUT request on that record.

I’ve linked a video here on me building out a simple app and you can also find an export of this app here:

Edit_Entry_in_Airdata-2022-08-09T02_55_30.530Z-full.branch.zip (19.0 KB)

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Very helpful!


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