Field Validation Recommendation

What is the best practice for displaying an error message if a field is empty?

For example - I want to show an error message only when the user tabs into the field, then tabs out without entering any information into the text input.

Since on load the form is empty, I don’t want my error messages to appear right-away. Only after the user clicked in and out. ISEMPTY(variable) will display the error message immediately - whats the best approach?

This would also be used for Date control, dropdowns, etc.

When the form loads, I would typically do something like (Web Flow Updated) :

valid = field AND ISEMPTY(field)

This will set the valid to NULL if the current value is NULL, initial state.

The error message would use Is Visible:

valid = FALSE

It won’t show when the form is initially loaded since valid will evaluate to NULL.

On the field itself, you can either use Value Changed or On Blur:

valid = ISEMPTY(field)
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