Getting a valid phone number using IsPhone() And Format_phone()

Mike @Mike:
Does FORMAT_PHONE() also share similar functionality as ISPHONE()? we are testing this and started using this dummy "Failed to add identifiers to state [object Object], caused by "Invalid phone number" in checking the logs at session start I see that the FORMAT_PHONE() is looks to be working correctly, but on Initialize Actor it throws the error above.

i tested using ISPHONE(14011234567) and it returns false, and when i try FORMAT_PHONE( "4011234567", "E164", "US") it throws an error saying its invalid in

sean @sean: They are the same, but in order to be a phone number it needs to be a string, and it needs to include the country code.

FORMAT_PHONE( "+14011234567",  "E164",  "US")

We have to be pretty particular about this because we have to ensure that we will be able to dial the number.