How can I implement three separate buttons for Type, Draw and Upload Signature

I have a requirement that need to have three buttons in the Signature.

  1. Type button to prepopulate the signature from input field. Prepopulating signature from input filed is already done.
  2. Draw button to allow user to draw their own signature.
  3. Upload button to upload signature. - How can I have this button in the Signature control ?

How can I achieve this requirement? With current signature control, I can have only Draw button or Type button but not both by default. How do I separate these buttons so that as an end user I could clearly see what options I have.



Sounds like you’re looking to configure Signature Controls to accept multiple forms of input. I don’t believe this works neatly out-of-the-box: a Signature Control can either be in Init Mode Draw or Type. Draw allows users to draw their own signature, while Type generates a signature Asset based on a given Text value.

You can insert two Signature Controls onto a single Web Page, one in Init Mode Draw and the other in Type, and then use the Is Visible Property to change which Signature Control is visible based on Buttons previously selected – Buttons that you’ll have to insert and configure manually.

Uploading the signature can be tied to the Action Chain associated with the Save Button within the Signature Control being clicked.

Thanks Chandra! I did implement this fashion but facing some challenges.

  1. Signature is not coming up as expected and seeing errors in the debug.
  2. If I don’t save Typed signature and switching between draw and type signatures, and I am losing the prepopulated typed signature and typed control allowing me to draw signature.

Hi @Narendra! can you show what is configured on the “Save Button” that is throwing those errors?

I have created short video with the issues I have on the Typed Signature.
First Video: Created new app and I see that Typed signature is displaying as expected. But if I switch between Type and Draw signature without saving signature, I am losing the Typed signature. You can see that in the attached diagram.

Second Video: Having the same problem but also, the typed signature is not coming up as expected. Had the same style as I have in the other app.

Hey Narendra, can you attach the sample app here? It’ll be easier to debug and see what is going on for me.

Here is the one. I am trying to implement three signature controls efficiently. Not sure how to achieve this. facing some challenges as I mentioned above. (32.9 KB)