How do you md5 checksum a file which has been uploaded to Media Library?

I am looking to md5 checksum a file in process for uploading a file via API to another service.

I see the md5 airscript function but how to do I get the uploaded file into a format which can be manipulated by md5 function?

I would like the result of this online md5 checksum tool.

Hey Jeff!

Right now our MD5 hash function only accepts string input, so unfortunately your options are pretty limited.

If you use the “Download Encoded Asset” data operation, this will give you a Base64 representation of the file, which you could then pass to the MD5 function. This will only work if you can also check the Base64 representation on the other end, though. The “Download Encoded Asset” operation is also currently limited to files <= 1MB.

We have some items on the roadmap to make working with Files a bit more straightforward, so be on the lookout for improvements in future releases!


Just following up here - we’ve now released a feature that will automatically generate a hash when files are uploaded to the Asset store. When uploading your file, just select the hash method you’d like to use and it’ll automatically become available on the Asset object.