How to build an File Upload (custom) control easy to use

Hi all,

I will need to work soon with an app upgrade to the 18 version, and one of the main stuff it would be needed is making the Media Upload components used in the app, work properly with the new File Upload component. Ideally, it would be great to end up with a custom control that can be used in a similar way (like mapped to a list of assets) and it looks like the old component.

So, I just wanted to check if anyone in the community has already worked in something like that and/or knows if any custom component already exist that could be helpful.

So to sum up, any info about some component like what we had with the old Media Upload control, but implemented with the new one (File Upload control), would be welcome!

Thanks in advance!

This is one that @ackerman made for v18.0. (19.0 KB)

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Thanks @ismaen and @ackerman !
I’ll take a look at it!

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