How to capture a list?

I’m working on an admin tool that will allow a user to:

  1. Enter a list (this will be copied from excel)
  2. Run a Data Connection for each of the entries within that list

I understand I can use the repeat data flow for #2 but what I don’t understand is how to actually take in the list for #1. My first thought was a text area where a user could add content, then I’d parse through that to create a list (eg: create list item with string following each line break) but not sure how to do this.

What is the format of your list? Are the values just separated by line breaks?

You can do something like this:

Sample list

Create an array from the list using SPLIT(list,"\n")

From there you can use run a data flow within the data flow to run operations on each entry.

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@ismaen that worked perfectly! Much appreciated as always.

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