How to put hyperlinks inline with other text

Hi there, I was wondering how you put hyperlinks inline with other text?

Do you mean that you want to embed links into a Label (the Airkit equivalent of what I’m doing when I do this)? I don’t believe this is a function Labels currently allow, and I’m under the impression that this is by design: Airkit apps are meant to be mobile-first, and if you have a big wall of text peppered with hyperlinks, it’s easy to accidentally press the wrong one with your big ol’ finger. Clicking on a hyperlink transfers users away from their Journey, too, so best practice is to use hyperlinks sparingly and frame them as obvious calls to action by making them their own separate Web Control.

That isn’t to say that you can’t change the placement of hyperlinks in relation to other text by changing the layout of a Container that holds both a Label and a Hyperlink! If your main concern is mostly a matter of aesthetics, tinkering around with the styling can go a long way.