How to view custom metrics (count, field, etc.)

I’m adding a custom metric (count) to a button click, but after I deploy the app, I am unable to select the new metric when i go to create a report. i’m expecting the new metric to be an option in the dropdown on the reports view when I go to create new “statistic” report - screenshot 1 for reference.

Also, are you able to reference variables in the metric key field when creating a new metric? Screenshot 2

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Hey Mike! The new metric should be an option that appears once you publish your app. I’d expect it to be at the bottom of your list. Also, you can’t reference a variable in the Metric Key field. You can only reference variables where there is an f(x) icon (expression editor).

That’s where I expected it - is there any chance there is a delay? perhaps it takes X amount of time after a deployment? or do you need to run a session and trigger the metric event first, then it will appear?

Have you tried exporting your report? In the exported CSV do you see the custom metric that you created ? You can export reports by clicking on the top right of the reporting dashboard where it says “Export”.