I want to open a hyperlink text into a popup on the same page

I want to open a hyperlink text into a popup on the same page
and it should have a X (close button) at the right top corner. is it possible?

That doesn’t sound like a feature Airkit supports out-of-the-box, though there’s some component parts that might allow you to hack together some component parts. Modals nearly function as pop-ups, and you could populate a modal with information pulled from another website via API request. The X at the right top corner could be fabricated out of custom styling components.

But, if I’m understanding correctly, you want to hyperlink into a popup, meaning you want to allow the user to access another website directly through your Airkit app? If that’s the case, I don’t think we’re using the right tool for the job: Airkit apps can be embedded into existing websites, but they weren’t built to function the other way around. We have an SDK that makes it easy to blend Airkit apps and exiting website functionality - but the assumption is always that the Airkit app is the one that will be embedded (or will appear as a popup) within the website.

(But if you just meant you want something styled like a hyperlink to open a popup on top of the page, and the popup is also part of your Airkit app, then you can just use a modal.)

Hi @chandu.singh, is this what you’re looking for?

hyperlink-appear-onclick-2022-12-02T17_29_23.026Z-full.branch.zip (17.7 KB)

The zip file attached shows a very simple version of this which is essentially hiding and showing a container on click of a button.

Thanks @ismaen for replying we customize it according to us.