Make Container Visible On Button Click


Is it possible to hide a container until a button is clicked? I’ve used the “is visible” feature with dropdowns but am wondering if I could have a “reveal” button without having to select an option from a dropdown.



You don’t need to have a dropdown in order to use the “is visible” feature - you just need to define an appropriate Boolean variable.

So in the simplest case for something like this, you could define a Boolean variable called something like is_revealed, and use that to define “is visible” feature of your Container. To reveal a Container upon the click of a Button, associate the Button with the Set Variable Action, and use it to set is_revealed to TRUE. This will reveal the contents of the Container after the Button is pressed (and a similar methodology could even be used to re-hide the Container).

Does that answer your question?

Would this be correct? I think I am missing a small detail.


The “Is Visible” feature expects a Boolean and makes the associated Web Control visible if the Boolean resolves to TRUE. So instead of:

IF(affinityadd) = "TRUE"

the “Is Visible” field should simply read:


and then the Container will be visible when affinityadd is TRUE.


Now it works, thanks!

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