Need help logging in

I had a developer account, and built an app last summer. That app has been used by my school district for this school year, and is still working just fine right now. I finally needed to make an update, so I tried logging in again tonight (for the first time since last August). But my attempt to log in at Airkit Studio now fails – invalid username/password. (Yes, I’m certain that I have the correct username and password.) I even tried “forgot my password”, but never received any email with any password reset link.

My account was originally set up by Tamzin (, but that email address now bounces. I checked over the web site, but can’t find any general “help” email address.

Does anyone know of anyone I could contact to get access to my login again?

(My user account / email is “”.)


Don, welcome back! I’m sorry that you’re having trouble logging in. I have reported your login and reset password issues, and we’ll resolve this asap so you can regain access. I will follow up shortly. And I appreciate your feedback on accessing our support team. Today, we have consolidated the ability to submit a support request to our docs site (Welcome to Airkit 👋) on the bottom right hand widget. But I can appreciate its is not discoverable on our homepage. Let us review internally on increasing the discoverability. Lastly, for your reference, we recently moved the Airkit Community to Discord based on user feedback. If you have any product questions and best practices, feel free to join. You can access from our homepage ( → Developers → Join Discord.

Let us resolve your login issue and we welcome any additional feedback. THANK YOU. Stephen

Hi Don,

I just shot you a private message to get your login sorted out.

Please let me know if that doesn’t resolve your issues!


Login problem fixed! Thanks so much for the rapid response (and on a weekend, no less!). Much appreciated. - Don