QR code implementation on Airkit

@ismaen i was working with QR code in airkit i have 5 QR code based on that we need to populate 5 different pdf data but i’m unbale to provide correct pdf based on QR code because QR code doesn’t have any indication so that i can apply any condition and its link to single app
please suggest on this.

thank you in advance.

Hi @tanmay.sardar, not sure if i’m completely following. Can you provide a little more detail on what you’re trying to achieve?

There are many ways to add conditionality to your app. You can use the conditional actions on an action chain

You can also add conditional statements in the visible property of the control itself. Meaning you can hide or show the qr code based off of a particular case.

You can also add conditionals to the text property of the QR code itself as well:

@ismaen suppose we want provide the link of pdf’s( more than 3) stored in MEDIA using QR code
we want to create a link for each QR code and after scanning the QR outside of AirKit a user
will redirect to airkit app and can download a first specified pdf
similar for step for 2nd pdf
and so on

also in other way can a user redirect to multiple data operation(based on some condition ) after scanning the QR code from outside of Airkit?

also can we fetch the details that user has scanned which QR code to download which pdf outside from airkit app
our pdf and QR code present in media and webflow

If you have a PDF that is in the MEDIA library, you can run the asset through the “Fetch Asset Details” data operation and you’ll get a download URL

You can then put this on a QR code to have it be downloaded.

Or did you want to have the button on the web page to have the user download the PDF? Either way would work. If you wanted this to be a little more dynamic, you could use an App API (GET request) and put that endpoint on a QR Code. The app api would look like this:

Does that answer your question?

@ismaen need some more information if i’m using single app for multiple QR code
suppose for 1 st QR code we need populate some data that stored in airkit media same ways we have 2nd QR code we need to populate different data for this can we apply any condition or indication to QR code so that we can populate correct data based on QR code.

for example code should recognize that if i scan the 1st QR code i should get correct data related to 1st QR code not other data form 2nd QR code and so on

@ismaen Yes this is more related to my answer
now this API link , Location header can be use in web-flow using condition

also how to use that location header in hyperlink with condition which API has been called