Radio Button option - horizontally displayed

Hi all - just wondering if there was any way to display the options for a radio list horizontally instead of vertically? We have a simple yes / no question, and it would be helpful to display the options to the right of the question on the same line.

I also tried the Radio Button option - this gives more flexibility for display purposes. However, it doesn’t seem to select a value when I click on the item. It would also need the option to “deselect” it.

In the example below the top is the Radio list control and the bottom is the radio button.

Thank you,
Jon Matunas

Hey @JMatunas! What CXR version is your app currently being built in? If you go to console, you can see the CXR version in the 4th column.

or inside of the studio, you can click on your email on the bottom left and click on “Copy App Info”

Hi @ismaen, sorry forgot to add that - it’s on CXR version 18.2.

Hi @JMatunas, We just pushed a changed where we surface the “fieldset” container of the radio list which is what you’re going to have to do in order to change the layouts here.

In the Simple Radio List, there is a container under the style parent in the tree where you see fieldset. There, you can change the “Distribute Children” property to “Stack Horizontal”.

I’ve included an export of the app in case you are interested in seeing an example! (39.0 KB)

@ismaen, this is perfect - thanks for the quick response!