Repeating checkbox list with date input

I’m trying to build a checkbox list that displays a series of selections, that when an option is picked, it displays a date input field. The user needs the ability to select multiple options from the checkbox list, and each display a date field. I then need to use that data downstream to generate a PDF and make an API call to an external system (standard http request).

I’m struggling with two things: 1) data model, 2) conditional logic to hide/display the date based on selection

For my data model, I’ve tried using a Checkbox list expression with all the values. I’ve also tried building an app object to store all the tests in then using a data flow to return those values to the front end and bind it to the checkbox list. Any help would be much appreciated!

I want it to appear like this on the app

Hey Mike,

One approach is to create an array of items like the following:

  "id": "chest_xray", 
  "name": "Chest X-ray", 
  "test_date": "06/05/2021",
  "enabled": true

You can then use:

  • for the checkbox label
  • item.test_date for the date binding
  • item.enabled on whether the date container visibility

Clicking the checkbox would set the enabled attribute in the array via an action.

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