Save And Display Checkbox List Results


Looking for information on saving the input from a checkbox list?

The only doc I found was about building the list, but did not include information on saving the results.

I will need to send the results in an email with a list of which options were “checked”.



Hey @Chris_Phillips! So if you’re using the out of the box checkbox_list, the “checked” items get stored in a list of text variable. You can see here, that in this example, its called checkbox_list

What that means, is that if the user selects item1 and item2, then my variable of activity.checkbox_list looks something like this:

[ "Item 1", "Item 2", NULL ]

So you can pass checkbox_list through a data flow as an input and pass that to your send email data operation. I would recommend using the REMOVE_EMPTY function to remove that null value though and also the JOIN function to make the list into a single string.

The data flow would look something like this.


Worked great, thanks!

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