Scheduling + Payments

2 questions:

First: Is there a way to set up the calendar to NOT allow booking for the same day and the next day (i.e. need to give a mover some notice so want to block their calendar for “today” and “tomorrow”: is there a way to do this?)

Second thing: Want to mock up a payment part on an app: looks like can only do so if there’s a payment source like stripe set up? Can I put in placeholder design (for the purposes of showing in a prototype? ).

Hey Ben,
For your first question. If you’re using a date picker control, under the settings you can set the Minimum Days Out to be the number of days from today you want the starting date to be. 1 = today, 2 = tomorrow, etc.

For your second question, you can use Secure String Inputs and mock up the form to look like a Credit Card form using Card Number, CVV, Exp Date as input fields.

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Additionally, if you are using the scheduler control and schedules builder, there are some ways write to your scheduler airdata table an additional record when you select a date/time

My time slots for this calendar are from 7am-6pm as you can see here and there are no split slots:

Then on the value changed event, i run a data flow that will add 1 to the date for the start time and end time, and also add 1 to the recurrence value.

Here’s an export of the app! (21.1 KB)

regarding the stripe/credit card control – you can just add a string to the datasource and it’ll appear in the stage. Nothing will happen but at least you’ll see the control: