Scroll bar for modal in desktop mode


I am struggling to get the scroll bar for modal in desktop version. I have two page layouts… Mobile <800 and Desktop >800. when I invoke the modal for mobile version, I can able to see the scroll. However, in desktop version, I can’t see scroll. How do I get this scroll for modal in desktop version.

Please help me here.


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Hi @Narendra,

Great question! So the scroll bar will appear when the contents in the webpage of the webflow that exists in the modal surpasses the height of the modal. There isn’t any additional settings that need to be configured to have the scroll bar appear.

Do the contents of your web page surpass the initial height of the modal?

Thanks Ismaen for your response! The contents of my web page surpassed the initial height of the modal but I don’t see a scroll.

The next thing i would check is the Modal layout in Web Flows builder. What are your settings here?

It’s the same.

and below one is from Theme…

I have the same settings for other app and I can see the scrolling in modal… but that is on 17.+ version… My new app is on 18+ version.


I’m having a hard time reproducing this as my modals on a new app have a scroll bar. Can you reproduce in a new app and export? that way others can see if there’s anything else configured that may be causing this.

thank you @juanchax for the suggestion here! It looks like “Clip Content” is what you want to get the scroll bar: