Send Email From Input Box


I’m trying to send an email to an email address entered into an input box when the submit button is pressed.

I am using the “send email” data flow, but don’t seem to be correctly inputting the email variable in the “to” field of the data flow? After opening brackets “{{” I expected the variable to begin to autofil but that doesn’t seem to be the case?


Hi Chris! Do you happen to have an export of the app or if you can send some screenshots of your web page and your data flow?

Hi Ismaen!

Here is a link to an export of the app


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Thank you! That is helpful. So I think I found the issue, it looks like you weren’t passing the email_input variable in the data flow.

So what this should look like is you want to take the email_input from your email input box and pass that into your send email data flow:

You also don’t need to wrap the email in {{}} because the “TO:” field expects a string, which email is already.

With this configured, does that solve your issue?

Perfect, that worked. Thanks!

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