Send SMS to *groups* via Twilio

Is it possible to configure our Twilio integration to send messages to groups of recipients, rather than just a single one?

It seems possible given the Twilio API, but I’m unsure how this would be configured in Studio. Thanks for the help, team!

Hey Eric, Great Question! Unfortunately that is not supported in the platform. In Airkit, there is what we call “Actors”, which essentially is used to assign a user (phone number) to a journey and when used in tandem with chat bots or voice bots, the sms will sent to that particular phone number.

Airkit does support the ability to send emails to groups of users though, so if the communication channel can be email, I would go that route.

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Thanks Ismaen. That makes sense. I’l see if that could be a solution and also put in a feature request to support group SMS in the future. Thanks for the help!

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