Signature Style controls not working in 18.1

in 18.0 version, I was able to select variants for signature style controls where as 18.1, unable to select variants. Did anyone experience this problem ?

18.0 version screenshot

18.1 version screenshot

Hi @Narendra, thank you for flagging! I recognize here that it looks like you can’t select a variant for the signature style, but you are still able to override the style on the individual control itself. Would that work for what you are trying to achieve?

@ismaen, I can override the style… but the problem is that for Button variant, we have different types such as Focused. disabled, hover styles…with override, it’s working for only for default and not working for disabled style. That’s where I found this problem.

The issue is resolved in 18.1 version. I am all set with this issue.


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