Trying to deploy app but getting resource is in use error

I’m trying to deploy the app to development instance, but i’m getting the error below:

error.platform.deployment.deploy.failure, caused by “Resource af0774be-d780-4716-a538-f4665efe8a65 is already in use”

For this i have created a new APP API and using it in the trigger. I have created a locked branch and referencing it while creating the new deployment. is the app API i created. Let me know how to resolve this.


Hi @Shivashankar_Yadav,

So if you have an app API with that url route on one deployment that is published, that is why you are getting that error message. URL Routes can only be associated with 1 published app.

What I would recommend is for URL Routes that are on a dev deployment, i would have the url be something like and then on new deployments you can use a standard URL.

You’ll also want to check in your Settings to make sure that your App APIs are associated to the correct URL Route: