Upload CSV using File Upload?

Hi everyone - curious if it’s possible to upload a CSV using the File Upload?

I saw here that Excel format is supported, but I can’t seem to get it to work if I save my CSV in excel format, nor can I simply capture it as CSV. Any thoughts or examples to share? Thanks so much!

I’m also looking to do this! Were you able to figure it out?

Hey @davidpairkit and @meredith.johnson, so .CSV currently isn’t a list of supported types for the file upload control but i filed a feature request with the product team to have them add that in.

As a workaround, you can convert your .csv files to .xslx and upload your files that way. Additionally, if you’d like to work with your .csv data within the context of your app, you can convert your .csv to .txt files and then take the downloadUrl that gets generated and make an HTTP request against the downloadUrl which would pull down the data that came from the .txt file. You can then use some airscript to transform the csv data from the HTTP request to JSON. Check out the post below on how to do that.