Using a Journey Link With Image In Email


Is it possible to use a journey link with an image in an email sent from Airkit, so clicking on the image uses the journey link?


Is it possible to use a journey link with an HTML button in an email sent from Airkit?


Hi @Chris_Phillips!

So I’d start with a button or whatever action/event that runs a data flow so I can pass the journey link through my web flow. This example I use a button.

So first my data flow would look something like this and have an input that is a text type.

So from the action that runs the data flow, it would looks something like this:

Here, I pass channels.web.canvasLink, which is the unique URL of that journey. You can find more information about the channels namespace here.

So now that i have that set up, i can go back to my data flow and configure the email. Here is where you can write HTML to customize your email however you like. So whether its a button or an image link, you can do that with HTML and then for the URL to pass, you would pass the journey_link variable that is the input of the data flow, and also make sure you pass it as an interpolated string since it’ll be in the Body HTML which is expecting a text type. To do string interpolation in airscript, you want to wrap the variable with double curly braces like this: {{journey_link}}

So the data operation looks like this:

    <a href='{{journey_link}}'>
         <img alt='alt-text' src=''
         width=150' height='70'>

Hope this is helpful!

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