When user clicks link from SMS more than once, always display first screen

When user click the link more than once, how to display first screen always?

For ex., one of the feedback we got from the customer is that “once I accessed the status from the link and completed the survey, when I go back in I cannot see the status anymore. It brings me to the Thank you screen for completing the survey…”

Initially, user accessed the link from SMS, then it displayed with Claim status information screen. they clicked the next button and completed the survey. Next day, when they try to access the same link to see the status again, they just see Thank you page. Is there any way, I can display first screen always until the session is expired ?

One option is to utilize the “Web Page Viewed” event – this event will fire each time the page loads:

One thing to be aware of is that refreshing the page also fires this event, so depending on your use case you may want additional logic to only “go back to the beginning” in certain cases.

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Thanks Joe! It worked.

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